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Yagi Toshinori/FemReader - Sweet Kisses
Yagi Toshinori/All Might x Female Reader. This was after the students moved into the dorms at UA, following the manga. 

Soft lips pressed themselves against his bruised skin, placing sweet kisses there multiple times without rest. Gentle hands held his sunken in cheeks, almost as though he were a precious gem to the person holding him. 
“I’m so glad you’re safe Toshi.” She spoke through kisses, not caring that the others were watching with wide eyes. Some feeling uncomfortable, others looking away in embarrassment at their public display of affection, and many finding this situation amusing. 
It was not every day that they saw the great All Might looking weak and enjoying the kisses of a pretty woman who was more than just a fan of his. “I’m fine [y/n],” he tried to tell her, not really pushing her away nor wanting her to stop. “It was just a miscalculation.” The woman stopped her kiss
:iconyamibaki:YamiBaki 43 7
Pucca: Tongue Tied by LittleKidsin Pucca: Tongue Tied :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 383 8 Pucca: First Encounter by LittleKidsin Pucca: First Encounter :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 313 10 Pucca: Tobe or not Tobe by LittleKidsin Pucca: Tobe or not Tobe :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 1,821 279 Pucca: What's Yours is Mine by LittleKidsin Pucca: What's Yours is Mine :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 1,422 158 La Muerte and Xibalba Motivational Poster by AnimeMonkeyGirlFan La Muerte and Xibalba Motivational Poster :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 152 39
Legolas x Reader (Part 5)
     I looked around the room, my eyelids slowly fluttering open. My room was bright from the sunlight coming from the even shaded windows. Slowly, I moved my body to lay on its back, and that is when my heartbeat quickened. I saw, and instantly remembered, who lay by my side. Prince Legolas was resting, his arms crossed and eyes lightly closed. His face looked so gentle, like there wasn't a worry in this land to take heed to. I couldn't help but smile lightly, finding it sweet. Though, my experience was caught short when he opened an eye and looked at me. Instantly, I could the familiar burning sensation on my cheeks as my eyes widened. Before I could turn the other way, words were said.
     "I know you are slightly human, but for an elf you need quite a lot of sleep." I nodded, smiling awkwardly. It was true, elves didn't really need to sleep like a human or mortal had to. Yet, I was immortal. "Don't worry, it is sweet watching you sleep."
:iconamutoislove:AmutoIsLove 13 0
Hunger Games: OC sheet.
Welcome To the Annual Hunger Games! You have been chosen to travel to our magnificent Capital to compete in this exciting tournament! If you win, you'll get to stay in your districts Victors Village and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life! If you lose you'll die! There can only be one winner! Fill out the sheet below and read the instructions at the end!
Part 1:Skill Points
Choose how many points you want to devote to each skill. You can not go over your point limit. Choose carefully, it could mean the difference between life and death.
(You'll tell us your District latter on)
District 1: Luxury Goods for the Capitol
District 2: Medicine (Also trains Peacemakers, creates nuclear weapons, and mines stone quarries)
District 3: Machinery/Factories (Electronics)
District 4: Fishing District
District 5: Breeding/ Splicing DNA District
District 6: Scientific Research District
District 7: Lumber and Construction (Timber and Paper)
District 8: Weaving/ Clothing making (Textil
:iconrebelangelmist:RebelAngelMist 207 43
Braille (Vision x Blind!Reader)
The Avengers Facility was certainly something to behold. It was very large and out-of-the-way, possibly designed after the team had hidden out at Clint’s farmhouse. You didn’t mind it. It meant an easier way to get around, since you weren’t living in a tower anymore. You mixing up the plethora of floors always made such unnecessary complications, especially with the way the Avengers tower was built.
There were three floors in the facility, and you would grovel at Tony’s feet if he didn’t have the impulse to make everything awkward. The facility had many different rooms, but it was better than many different floors. Most of the Avengers and the new recruits lived at the facility, so part of the building was just living quarters. There were bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.
You had a hard time getting around, at first, so Steve escorted you everywhere until you had a feel for the new marble floors and whe
:iconwulferious:Wulferious 466 85
Vision x Reader |Unique|
(Name) was currently dealing with a slightly large issue. As in, it was slight if you asked anyone else about it, but large if you asked her. And what was the problem, you as?
Her boyfriend was a cheater.
Not in the sense that you might think. In fact, Vision was a surprisingly wonderful boyfriend. he knew how to come up with the most amazing and creative ideas as to how he should show her his love. From cute, crafty ideas to idyllic, gourmet dinners in hidden little chic cafés, it was amazing how he came up with them all. She began to wonder how in the world someone who’s only been around a few months came up with them in the first place.
And that’s when she figured it out; He really wasn’t.
Because in the very same night the pair came home from a gorgeous evening of moonlit New York fountain park shows, she’d gone on her blog site to find a very popular post about “10 Things You Have to Try with Your Significant Other”. The fountain sho
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 430 148
Vision x Reader |Curiously|
“Tony, we need to talk about your android child.” (Name) said evenly, stepping into the lone science bro’s lab. He perked up, hands dipping away from his current little project.
“The one that tried to destroy the world or the one who helped save it?”
“The one who saved it. Definitely that one.” She replied, shuddering at the thought of the genocidal AI Tony unintentionally fathered. Ultron had caused a lot of trouble when he showed up, and if it hadn’t been for the Avengers and their own good guy AI, she cringed at the thoughts of what could’ve been.
And considering her powers included seeing Garnet-esque visions of the future, the thoughts were pretty vivid.
“No, he’s not for sale, and no, I’m not cloning him.” Tony stated, not bothering to acknowledge her any further. She just shook her head, pressing her hands onto the countertop. “...And even if I did clone him, I wouldn’t sell you the copy.
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 607 183
The making of my great saiayaman helmet hehe by jeffbedash325 The making of my great saiayaman helmet hehe :iconjeffbedash325:jeffbedash325 70 29 Dancing Piccolo Avatar by powderblue22 Dancing Piccolo Avatar :iconpowderblue22:powderblue22 53 46
Mature content
Loving You Always 1 :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 11 3
Mature content
Oneshot: You Eat Babies :icontakashidaimao:Takashidaimao 44 35
Thor x Sick Reader x Loki: Something Wonderful
:bulletpurple: Something Wonderful :bulletpurple: 
Thor had loved (F/n) since the moment he had met her; unrequited and as innocent as anything the God of Thunder had ever felt. But despite his pure intentions and gentle adoration, his feelings had never been returned. Couldn’t be returned. This hadn’t stopped him from losing his heart to her; quite the contrary. It had made his love bloom ten-fold, and with each passing day his heart grew to love her a little more.
But it didn’t matter . . . not anymore. Not when she was gone. Not when (F/n) (L/n) was dead.

Thor Odinson walked through a Midgardian burial ground, lost to grief and desolation as an early spring rain pelted his shaking form. The giant of a man didn’t shake from cold or anger- as one might have supposed- but from the tears and muffled cries that were overflowing from within his tortured soul.
Crying was a foreign action to the Thunder-bringer, but now he embrac
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 272 125


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